Felony Possession of Methamphetamine, Cobb County Superior Court

“After months of my family and I going through what we believed to be police harassment, I was facing felony drug charges in Cobb County, money and personal property seized, ran out of my home and the city I grew up in, Kennesaw, and needing a lawyer who would stand up for me, and not fold and negotiate a deal. I needed a lawyer who would show that police harassment is very real and would fight to prove my innocence. Greg came highly recommended. He wasn’t the typical show boat, high profile lawyer everyone was trying to recommend to me. He was honest, straight forward, and worked with me to achieve my goal. The motion to suppress filed by Greg, was not a generic one page motion. Instead it was apparent that he actually took the time to look over my case and listened to my concerns regarding my arrest. I watched as he stood up to the assistant D.A. and questioned the legitimacy of the evidence gathered and how my rights were violated the night of my arrest. My case was dismissed that day, and later my civil case dismissed and my money and personal property returned. Greg is a lawyer who still believes that people deserve to be treated fairly and are innocent until proven guilty. Greg Hicks fights for his clients!”

-EB, April 2012, Kennesaw, GA

Felony Obstruction of an Officer (kicking, punching, striking) Cherokee County

“Thank you for going up to bat for [my husband] and our family – you did a great job and truly went the extra mile to ensure [my husband's] defense. We will definitely be recommending you to anyone who needs a great attorney”.

-LP, March 2012, Woodstock, GA

Divorce-Cobb County Superior Court

“Thanks again for all of your hard work on my [divorce case]… I really appreciate all the hours you’ve spent helping me through this process. You’ve been patiently amazing and I appreciate all of your hard work on my behalf.”

-D.C., April 2012, Marietta, GA