Criminal Defense

Police Misconduct

Gregory Hicks Fights Against Police Misconduct

Criminal Law is at the forefront of our practice. Gregory A. Hicks and his associates have over twenty five years of experience defending clients charged with crimes. From DUI to drug charges to Murder, our firm has handled thousands of criminal cases.

Gregory A. Hicks and his associates are in court daily representing clients charged with crimes. Whether it is courts in Cherokee County or Cobb County or cities such as Woodstock, Canton, Marietta, Acworth or Kennesaw, Mr. Hicks understands the court process, the prosecutors and the judges and he works to achieve the most favorable outcome for all clients. Prior to defending clients charged with a crime, Gregory A. Hicks worked as a prosecutor so he knows exactly what to do to successfully defend a client charged with a crime.

Criminal Defense

Gregory Hicks Defends Your Rights

Trial experience is a key quality for a successful criminal defense attorney. From murder charges to misdemeanor offenses, Gregory A. Hicks has tried cases and won. Even when negotiating a guilty plea, Mr. Hicks’s trial experience enables him to obtain better results because prosecutors know he is willing to take a case all the way to trial if necessary to win. Gregory A. Hicks has been trying criminal cases for over twenty five years and has achieved numerous not guilty verdicts.

Drug Evidence

Defense Against Drug Charges

Mr. Hicks’s experience goes beyond knowledge of the law and courtroom experience. The attorneys at the Law Office of Gregory A. Hicks dedicate numerous hours to training. For example, Mr. Hicks attended numerous seminars to learn how an officer should conduct a DUI investigation—the same training that an officer goes through. Drawing on this training, Mr. Hicks is able to recognize that officers often make major mistakes when determining if a driver should be arrested for driving under the influence. Clients are often arrested based on faulty test results. Mr. Hicks has the knowledge and experience to fight for those clients. By challenging faulty DUI investigations, Mr. Hicks has had DUI charges dismissed without the need for trials or even motions, thus saving clients time, money and stress.

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