Personal Injury

  • Hired by multi-billion dollar insurance carrier to successfully defend truck driver in death cases
  • Hired by a major corporation to defend employees accused of causing personal injuries

Being injured because of someone else’s carelessness is a frustrating and difficult event. Our law firm has been helping people in similar situations for over twenty five years.

Whether it is a car or automobile accident, slip and fall injury, or some other negligent act which has caused an injury to you, the law allows you to recover for damages you have incurred.

Auto Accident Lawyer

Auto Accident Personal Injuries

Using our experience and expertise, we can help guide you through this difficult period to a favorable result.

For your convenience, we have prepared the questions below to answer some of the frequent questions which arise during Personal Injury Claims.

If, however, you have any questions or concerns about your claim, please feel free to contact our office.

Frequently Asked Questions about Personal Injury Claims

Work Accident Lawyer

Work Accident Personal Injuries

Should I talk to the Insurance Company?

No. I will notify the insurance company that I represent you. If anyone from the insurance company contacts you, let them know we are available to speak with them about your claim.

Who will pay my medical bills?

You are responsible for your medical bills.  Frequently clients are under the impression that the “other driver’s insurance” will be paying their bills.  This is NOT the case.  If you do not have insurance that will cover the medical costs you incur, then attempt to work out a payment plan prior to requesting treatment.

Should I provide anything to your office?

Some documents should be provided to our office when you receive them, including:

  • Prescription medication slips;
  • Name address and telephone numbers of doctors, hospitals, diagnostics (such as radiologists) who assist you;
  • Copies of medical bills you receive

Other than the documents you request, is there anything else I should keep track of?

Below are documents which we typically request from clients as the case proceeds:

Journal of medical condition: You should keep a journal of your medical condition. Write down how you physically feel each day, any changes in your condition, dates and information about medical treatment, including which doctor you saw, what he/she said about your condition.

Time missed from work: You should also keep track of all time missed from work. Have your supervisor document each time you must leave work because of a doctor’s appointment or your injury.

Under what circumstances should I telephone my attorney?

You should always feel free to contact our office with any questions. However, if one of the following things happens, please be sure to contact us:

  • There is a dramatic change in your condition – for the worse or the better.
  • You start seeing a new doctor regarding your injury or if you have any questions about the method of treatment your doctor recommends
  • You are hospitalized due to your injury.
  • You go back to work or must stop working because of your injury.

What should I tell my doctor about my injuries?

Tell your doctor exactly how you feel. When your doctor asks how are you, simply saying “fine” when you are hurting or in pain will not give the doctor sufficient information to treat your injuries. Keeping a medical journal may be helpful for this. When you go to see your doctor, using your journal, you can tell him what hurts, when it hurts, how bad the pain is and the doctor can use this information to effectively treat you.

How long will it take to resolve my case?

Be patient and realistic. Many people expect to settle an injury case quickly, but there is little we can do until we have allowed your doctors the time they need to do their job. When your doctor feels you are as well as you will be, then we are in a position to be at our most effective.

How often can I expect to hear from my attorney?

I will contact you when I have any questions or need anything from you. There may be long periods of time before you hear from me, but that does not mean that I am not working on your case.  Often I have to wait until your doctor has finished treating you before I know how to proceed.  However, if you have any questions about your case, you should always feel free to call our office.