Gregory A. Hicks and Amanda R. Gaddis argue before the Georgia Supreme Court

Gregory A. Hicks and Amanda R. Gaddis appeared before the highest court in Georgia on February 9, 2010 to argue that a murder conviction from Cobb County should be overturned.

In Willis v. State, Ms. Gaddis argued that because her client properly invoked his right to have an attorney present during police questioning, statements he later made to police should not have been admitted at his trial. Ms. Gaddis further argued that statements her client made two days later were also improperly admitted because the statements were made to a clergyman for the purpose of seeking spiritual guidance and were thus privileged statements under Georgia law.

Gregory A. Hicks later responded to arguments set forth by attorneys for the State of Georgia. Mr. Hicks urged the court to overturn the conviction based on recent case law from Georgia’s Supreme Court.