Drug Trial Victory

During a trial conducted October 4th through October 8th in Cherokee County, two Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office deputies admitted that even though my client was lying face down on the ground, they were “seconds from killing him”.

My client jumped in the river before he could be killed. In this case, the police claimed my client threw an “eight-ball” of methamphetamine on the ground/water while he was being chased through the woods by multiple police and a drug dog.

However, I was able to prove to the jury that the police manufactured evidence, lied on the stand, joked about trying to raise the charges against my client and were disappointed that they did not get to tase and kill him.

After the jury was split 7-5 our way, the District Attorney decided such police misconduct and ineptness was too much even for them. The DA’s office utilized four prosecutors including the District Attorney to conduct the case and still lost and subsequently gave up.

This case, among many others, is why I proudly support October22.org, a website dedicated to researching and stopping police abuse of the citizens.

Greg Hicks
October 22, 2013