Cherokee & Cobb DUI Charges Dismissed

Gregory A. Hicks has obtained dismissals on the last 2 DUI cases in Cherokee County and Cobb County without trial or motions hearings.

In the State Court of Cherokee County, Mr. Hicks’ client was charged with DUI less safe after he refused the breath test. After Mr. Hicks investigated the case and brought it to the attention of the prosecutor that the officer improperly administered field sobriety tests on the side of the road (including making his client engage in made up tests), attorneys for the state chose not to reduce the DUI charge, but to completely dismiss the charge. Thanks to Mr. Hicks’ experience and advocacy, his client now maintains a clean driving record.

A similar situation occurred in Cobb County, Georgia. Mr. Hicks’ client was a young girl, 19 years old. She was stopped for speeding after an officer “paced” or followed her car. After mistaking tobacco in the car for marijuana, the officer immediately pulled her out of the car and started  a DUI investigation. Again, as often happens, the officer did not administer the field sobriety tests properly. When Mr. Hicks brought this to the attention of the prosecutor, the state offered to reduce the DUI charge to reckless driving. The client, however, would have still lost her license if she pled to reckless driving because she was under the age of 21 (in addition to the numerous other consequences of a reckless driving conviction, including increased insurance premiums, higher fines and probation). Mr. Hicks was unwilling to accept this result so he went up the chain of command in the prosecutor’s office until he secured a complete dismissal of the DUI charge.

Both cases are a testament to how an attorney experienced in DUI law and trained in how officers should properly conduct DUI investigations can be crucial to your case.